Covid-19 Action Plan

Coordinator for the supervision of implementation of the action plan: Antonios Zymaris
Person responsible for the implementation of the plan for suspected case management: Antonios Zymaris


The Hotel has received from the competent Hellenic Chamber of Hotels the necessary. Health Protocol for the operation of departments and services, in accordance with the instructions of the Hellenic National Public Health Organization (EODY) and of the Ministry of Tourism as well. All proposed and necessary measures have been taken for the safe stay of Guests. Foreigners and visitors are not allowed to enter the Hotel, and generally people who do not stay or work in the Hotel are not allowed to enter. The regulation based on the special operation conditions and the action plan are posted up at a visible place at the Reception and on the website of the Hotel
Wherever necessary, the special signs have been placed concerning avoiding overcrowding, keeping safety distances, the use of hand sanitizers, etc.


- The Staff of the hotel has been trained by the Coordinator on the new measures and rules of operation and work, and it is constantly informed about any new measure that may be announced.

- The Hotel constantly provides to the Staff all necessary measures of personal protection.

- The Coordinator has received solemn declarations of the members of the Staff that they have fully understood their way of work and they are committed to strictly comply with measures of personal protection.


- At the Reception Desk, we have placed a protective shield and a special device in order to sterilize room keys and various objects.

- A device with hand sanitizer has been placed at the entrance for sanitizing hands.

- Based on the special conditions of operation, the check in is set at 3:00 PM at the earliest.

- Based on the special conditions of operation, the check out is set at 11:00 AM at the latest.

- Upon arrival, Guests fill in an agreement form themselves, which shall contain their personal details and the terms of stay, and they shall accept the operation regulation of the Hotel at the same time.

- Along with the key to their rooms, they receive a copy of the form and the action plan. In any case, it is recommended to avoid overcrowding and comply with the measures necessary.


- A device with hand sanitizer has been placed at the entrance for sanitizing hands. Its use is mandatory before entering the restaurant and upon exiting it.

- It is recommended to keep a safety distance from the previous Guest and the nearby table. Tables and furniture may not be moved from the positions they are at.

- Breakfast is served at a buffet style from 08:00 AM to 10:30 AM. The buffet is first come, first served. It is recommended to avoid overcrowding and comply with the measures necessary.

The air conditioning is off. The hall is only ventilated by technical and natural means (open windows)

- The buffet products are providing in individual portions and the serving tongs are frequently replacing.

- Dinnerware and cutlery sets are systematically disinfecting after being washed in a washing machine at 70 oC.

- The food from the buffet cannot be taken outside the restaurant. In case that you wish to have Breakfast in your room, you should notify the Staff.


- Rooms are cleaned, thoroughly disinfected and ventilated through open windows before the arrival of Guests.

- Housekeeping staff uses all necessary measures of personal protection as well as certified cleaning and disinfection products. General disinfection of the room is achieved by using a steam cleaner.

- In the room, there are only sheets and towels. There is no bedding or extra pillows. Should a Guest need any of these, they should notify the Reception.

- All decorative and unnecessary items have been removed from the rooms.

- Remote controls for the TV and the A/C are covered with a disposable film.

- Apart from the personal sanitary items, there is also hand sanitizer in the room.

- Smoking is not allowed in the room.

- The hotel staff enters the rooms daily only for the barely essentials, such as garbage collection andNfilling in personal hygiene and also for linen changing when necessary.

- During the stay, Guests are responsible for keeping their rooms tidy and organizing their personal items. It is recommended to not use the air conditioner. In case that a Guest wishes to use it, they should air the room very well before and after the A/C is turned on.

- In the bathroom of the room, it is recommended that you flash the toilet with the toilet lid closed. Guests may not go or visit another room, except for members of the same family.

- Visitors and other people who do not stay in the room are not allowed to be housed in it.


All common spaces and corridors of each floor are cleaned and disinfected constantly. There are special signs and devices with hand sanitizer everywhere. It is recommended to use hand sanitizer before and after using the common WCs.


The Hotel has a private closed-off parking lot at a distance of 300 meters away from the hotel. It is for use only by the Guests of the hotel and the service is offered free of charge. Guests go there on their own upon getting instructions from the Reception. There are also special signs available.


Guests are pleased to comply with necessary personal protection measures and with the operatioN regulation of the Hotel, respecting their own safety first but also the safety of other Guests and of the Staff. Measures taken in view of the special conditions are deemed to be necessary for the safety and unhindered stay of all. In case that a Guest does not feel well and possibly has some symptoms of COVID-19, it is recommended that he is isolated in his room and that he immediately informs the Reception.

Person responsible for the implementation of the plan for suspected case management: Antonios Zymaris

Telephone numbers 24/7: +30 24230 33423 and +30 6946 330681

Happy holidays and enjoy your stay ........ with safety!!